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As responsible chefs part of our goal is to educate our guests about sustainability. We don't just offer one or two seafood options, our entire menu is design around sustainability. We promise not to preach while you eat. View Menu by clicking here.


We understand that there are so many dining choices in Wilmington, but our goal is to take you on a culinary journey. It all starts the moment you enter our restaurant. With it's relaxing decor, comfortable style of service, and a menu that we hope leaves a lasting impression.


Tamashii, is a word that originates in Japan. In the simplest form it means "Soul". This is essential to our chefs vision for the restaurant. We make food that comes from the soul of our being and the soul of the ingredients we use.


Experience is a word that can be used in so many ways, but at Tamashii we hope to create a true dining experience. Whether you enjoy premium quality sushi or prefer a prepared entree from our kitchen menu, you will find attention to detail and flavors that are bold and exciting.

Welcome to Our Restaurant!

We hope you enjoy your experience at Tamashii, as our goal is to provide exceptional service, great cuisine, and a lasting impression. We are determined to provide the freshest ingredients and sourcing them as locally as possible. We offer a wide array of sushi that is sure to satisfy the sushi lover or novice. Our menu also includes delicious items from our kitchen and Wilmington's first spoon bar. We also make the restautant available for private parties and special events. We provide a full range of catering services and not just sushi.

Watch the video below to see more of what Tamashii looks like and what we're bringing to the Wilmington market.



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